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Kyle Garlett
Kyle Garlett - President and Founder, Adversity Consulting

At age eighteen, just a couple of weeks into his senior year in high school, Kyle Garlett was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. By the time the dust had settled on his myriad of health adversities at age thirty-five, Kyle had soldiered through three more cancer diagnoses, a bone marrow transplant, hip and shoulder replacements, and a heart transplant. These incredible health challenges would have stopped a less determined man, but Kyle's devotion to survival and ability to handle ongoing adversity kept him optimistic, fighting forward, and ultimately kept him alive and thriving.

As a motivational speaker with more than a decade of experience under his belt, and an author who has touched millions more with his story of hope through hardship, Kyle has expanded his roles as a speaker, motivator, consultant, and spokesperson by founding Adversity Consulting. No one knows more about the graceful management of the adversities of life, or has Kyle's experience in turning those unavoidable hurdles into triumphs of spirit and soul.